Prepare for London Cops to Run-Away… Again: Britons Brace for Violence on Remembrance Day

London has fallen.

Anyone who watches video clips of news broadcasts out of Britain or Australia might have noticed the news anchors sporting little red poppies on their jackets or blouses.

That would be due to the second Sunday of every November being their Remembrance Day (what we in America celebrate as Veterans Day).

However, Londoners are prepping for tens of thousands of pro-Hamas demonstrators purposefully choosing this particular holiday to scream and yell about how much they supposedly love God while supporting infants being roasted alive.

By the way, so much for showing the slightest bit of respect to the fallen.

I guess my German and Irish blood is up, but suffice it to say that I don’t even like the Brits. But even this bullshit pisses me off.

In the meantime, London’s Metropolitan Police have quite the habit of coming down hard on patriotic Englishmen, but when it comes to angry jihadists… not so much.

London mayor Sadiq Khan and current Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ade Adelekan discussing exit strategies.

As seen in the video at the end, London’s famed Bobbies are seen back in 2009 wearing out their heels running from, you guessed it, terrorist supporters.

Keep in mind, as recent as 2016, Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley told the people of London that if an ISIS attack should take place, “run away as fast as possible.” Hey, I thought that was your job.

Closer to the present situation, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ade Adelekan of the Metropolitain Police has been reduced to begging and pleading with the Islamo-Fascists for peace and quiet;

“Our message to organisers is clear: Please, we ask you to urgently reconsider. It is not appropriate to hold any protests in London this weekend.”

Good luck with that.