Desperate Democrats; Predictions They WOULD Resort to Trump Assassination Attempt

First things first… anyone who honestly adheres to our constitutional republican form of democracy, finds the act of assassination abhorrent.

Even though I personally despise the likes of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, etc., I would find anyone even attempting to kill any of the aforementioned based on nothing more than their politics, don’t look to me to lionize you.

Secondly, if anyone who posts they wish for any American (ranging from President Trump to the Puppet-in-Chief Joe Biden) to be assassinated, I’ll mute your comments in whatever thread your posting on. I’ll also report your comment to admin. Yes, I’m a firm proponent for free speech, but calling for someone’s murder is misusing that same right.

Lastly, I agree with Charlie Kirk and Bernard Kerik. The Democrats are desperate. I honestly hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t put it past the Dems and the Deep State they lord over to at least attempt to silence President Trump permanently.