Nuclear Grifter Drops Truth Bombs on the Perry HS Shooter, Trans and Big Pharma, Dr Gay, White Jedis, the Lolita Express

Going by the nom de vidéo of Nukey G, on formal occasions, he’s known as the Nuclear Grifter.

Personally, I subscribe to his Youtube channel, and I guess it goes without saying that I pretty much agree with everything he posts.

Probably the only dicey topic might be his comments on “black culture.” He certainly doesn’t pull any punches when he opines on the glorification of violence and drugs pretty much across the board in so-called “Black America.”

While what he’s saying is painfully truthful, some get the impression that he’s somehow an anti-black bigot. That would certainly be the knee-jerk reaction of your average card-carrying Democrat.

In more than a few videos, he places the blame exactly where it belongs; white leftists who’ve long since highjacked your grandparents Democrat Party.

Period. End of story. Full stop.

I’d go so far as to ask you to check out his Youtube channel. If you like what you see, possibly even subscribe.

His videos are a breath of fresh air, especially in light of more than a few high school graduates in this country can’t even read the same diploma that was just handed to them.