(VIDEO) Five Men Pretending to be Women Dominating Volleyball Teams in Canada

Are men so superior to women that they even make better women than real women do?

It’s a safe bet that in the United States and Canada, there are literally tens thousands of girls and young women who train nearly their entire lives in the hopes of securing a college scholarship in their particular sport.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers were actual numbers were in the hundreds of thousands. But that’s just me.

Anyhow, the madness in Canada marches on. Merci, camarade Trudeau.

In the video below, reporter David Menzies of Rebel News is interviewed by Megyn Kelly, telling the world of the latest example of the totalitarian dictatorship our neighbor to the North has become.

But before you see this insanity for yourself, I just have to ask the common sense question, how is this trans-madness even remotely fair to girls and young women attaining a potential scholarship?