Leftist Hypocrisy on Parade; Barron Trump is Now ‘Fair Game’

By now, everyone is familiar with the fake outrage over Pres. Trump’s ‘bloodbath’ comment. Never mind that the possible destruction of the American automobile industry is what he was referring to, not rioting in the streets.

Suffice it to say, the leftie media refuses to recognize the obvious. Feeding hysteria is the Establishment Media’s bread and butter.

One of the greatest offenders was those supposed “news organizations” that fall under the NBC News umbrella.

Amazingly enough (sarcasm, off), it was an obviously tone-deaf senior NBC executive that just had to delete his own questionable tweet regarding an 18-year-old.

But first, here’re just a handful of headlines from the NBC News family;

Yeah… NBC News certainly was in the lead when it came to pushing fake news.

But now we come to Mike Sington. On his official Twitter/X main page, he identifies himself as “Senior Executive at NBCUniversal (Ret) • Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider • Entertainment, Pop Culture, and Lifestyle Expert”

Now we come to the tweet that Sington shot out, then rather quickly deleted.

I’m not stupid. I know exactly what Sington was getting at.

Barron Trump is legally an adult, he’s fair game for media scrutiny. Not for one second did I take it that he considers the younger Trump should actually be hunted down.

Yes, it really is as simple as that.

But NBC News can’t have it both ways. If they want to piss and moan over Trump’s “bloodbath” comment, fine… go right ahead.

But it is questionable when the same folks bitch up a storm when some object to Barron Trump being referred to as “fair game.”

I’m also of the opinion that Charlie Kirk understands the context of Sington’s tweet. To me, Kirk is just shoving it right back into NBC’s collective faces.