Out From Under his Rock: Georgia RINO Raffensperger FINALLY Admits to Vote Counting ‘Failures’

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Does anyone remember not all that long ago when one of the biggest RINOs south of the Mason-Dixon line claimed to the American people that the Peach State’s 2020 presidential election was just as pure and true as his momma’s sweet tea?

Yeah… we all remember Raffensperger lying through his teeth on that one.

But as I noted just yesterday, Fulton County has been discovered that 60 percent of the county’s recounts were in error.

Maybe it’s just how I see thing from where I sit, but it sure looks like Raffensperger’s ducking for cover. And it sure seems to me like he plans on taking cover behind whatever human shields of his choosing might deflect any incoming shots heading his way.

As reported by Nick Arama of RedState.com (emphasis mine);

Remember during all the election hullabaloo last year, when people were trying to figure out what had gone down in Georgia, the Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was infuriated that anyone would raise questions about the election in his state. The election in Georgia, Raffensperger assured us was “safe, secure, honest.”

People questioned that at the time and now there are still concerns that Tucker Carlson raised last night on his show about Fulton County, Georgia. Carlson highlighted two of the major concerns: that ballot images showed votes were scanned twice and that seven audit tally sheets showed falsified totals.

Now, one can try to make excuses for ballots being scanned twice, although as Tucker showed, there was video of it being done repeatedly. What’s hard to get around is the falsified tally sheets.

As he explained they would show, for example, a distribution of votes with some going to Joe Biden, some to President Donald Trump, and some to Jo Jorgensen. But then it would be tallied as all for Biden. What’s the explanation for that? It doesn’t seem like there could be any innocent explanation for that.

As I had previously stated, it sure looks like Raffensperger’s diving for cover.

Furthermore, may God protect anyone who gets in his way.

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