(VIDEO) Texas Leads the Way: Rep Mike Johnson FLAMES Biden’s Atty General Garland Regarding Son-in-Law Getting Rich from CRT’s

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA), American hero.

The below video from Fox News is simply a thing of beauty. Just watching that worm Merrick Garland squirm was worth the price of admission.

In today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Johnson noted that Garland’s own son-in-law has raised $76 million from investors such as Mark Zuckerberg, in Garland’s son-in-law selling CRT materials to school districts across the nation.

Garland consistently dodged, ducked, dipped, dived and dodged any semblance of a straight answer.

Furthermore, prior to the committee meeting, in the second video (below) Rep. Charles Nadler (D-NY) is seen squashing Ranking Minority Member, Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) attempt to show a video of parents defending their children at schoolboard meetings.

As an unknown Republican stated to Nadler, “Mr. Chairman, what are you afraid of?”

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