(VIDEO) Govt Insanity: SF Will Force 5-Year-Olds to Show COVID Passports at McDonald’s

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This article isn’t from The Onion nor is it from the Babylon Bee. Gang, this is real life.

In an article by the Washington Examiner reporter Elizabeth Faddis (via MSN news), this strikes me as the height of governmental overreach (emphasis mine);

Children ages 5-11 will soon be required to comply with San Francisco’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate in order to enter places such as restaurants or entertainment venues, according to a city official.

The San Francisco Department of Health and the UCSF Division of General Pediatrics held a town hall meeting on Tuesday in which they discussed the use of the vaccine for children ages 5-11, according to SFGATE. During the meeting, the city health officer explained that children would eventually have to comply with the city’s vaccine mandate.

“We definitely want to wait and make sure that children have an opportunity to get vaccinated,” Dr. Susan Philip said during the town hall. “That will happen no sooner than about eight weeks after the vaccine is available to kids.”

Rick’s Café Américain or Burger King?

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