(VIDEO) Mean Girls at Bob Dole Memorial: ‘Disgraceful, Immature Prima Donnas’ Biden and Harris Really, REALLY Don’t Like Each Other

Quick… let’s change seats.

In a fascinating op/ed piece by Andrea Widburg of AmericanThinker.com, Madame Widburg absolutely nails the nastiness and the obvious personal dislike between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

It’s bad enough that Biden’s supposed “hand-pick” for the Veep slot is now relegated to the “I don’t want to sit next TO HER!” mentality, this childishness is manifesting itself at the memorial service for the late Sen. Robert Dole (R-KS).

Here’re just a few lines of Widburg’s painfully obvious observations of this particular catfight (emphasis mine);

Biden lets out his inner teen girl, and it’s just awful

The Democrats aren’t even pretending anymore that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris like each other. Each sees the other as an enemy, although neither can do without the other. Biden needs Harris as his insurance policy against being pushed out under the 25th Amendment. Harris needs Biden because, bad as she is as vice president, if Biden boots her, she’s got nothing. On Thursday, at the memorial service for Bob Dole, these two disgraceful, immature prima donnas finally gave up any pretense and let it all hang out.

Last year, during a discussion about male versus female government leaders, my daughter opined that it’s not true that countries led by women would be less likely to go to war. Instead, she said, “They’d go to war but they wouldn’t talk to each other for a month first.” I thought of that when I saw the video showing the little teen-queen drama that Biden and Harris enacted at Dole’s memorial service.

Next, the assembled people stood when Biden and Mrs. Biden entered. As Biden passed Harris, the president of the United States and the person who will take his place should something happen to him showed all the grace of angry teen girls in the silent phase of their fight, looking anywhere but at each other. Biden then stood before seat 3, next to Harris, and Mrs. Biden stood before seat 4.

Biden’s and Harris’s conspicuous “I’m not talking to you!” moment was bad enough. It got worse after that. Biden, agitated, whispered something to his wife. She whispered back. Then, more agitated, he whispered again to her — at which point Biden and the missus changed sides so that Biden didn’t have to stand next to his vice president.

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