(VIDEO) Ukrainian ‘Transgendered’ Dude Denied Permission to Flee, Must Stay and Fight

Complete and total pussy (except where it counts).

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *choke cough* BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *gag snort* BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *wheeze chortle* BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *hack gasp*.

For those who didn’t understand my comments when you read it for the first time, I’ll repeat; BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *choke cough* BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *gag snort* BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *wheeze chortle* BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *hack gasp*.

Wherever one may stand in regards to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, pro-Ukraine; pro-Russia; could give a damn either way; I feel safe in saying that those who actually follow the science happen to find the plight of a certain Zi Faámelu, 31, of Kiev, or Kyiv, or Keev, or however the hell it’s pronounced, actually funny as hell.

As it turns out, the extra-liberal Vice News is reporting in their usual vomit-worthy excuse on the lost art of journalism, they penned quite the bleeding heart report on poor lil’ Zi.

Of course, just because Faámelu’s passport identifies him as a dude as well as his ostensibly packing outdoor plumbing, he can now join-in with the millions of other ball-bearing belligerents preparing to battle the Russians.

Old and young alike exercise their God-given right to self-defense.

As reported by Ben Hunte of Vice.com;

Trans people in Ukraine have told VICE World News that they are “totally stuck” and “scared for their lives” in the country.

Two Ukrainian trans women said they can’t leave Ukraine or even safely travel through it because all of their identification documents say “male” and mention their “old masculine names”.

Some trans people have even been advised to “lose their ID” by human rights groups, in order to get out of Ukraine. Trans campaigners estimate this issue is leading to “hundreds” of trans people in Ukraine being left in “serious danger” and feeling “completely alone”.

One trans woman said she is “terrified” of being stopped trying to leave Ukraine, and being forced to join the Ukrainian army “as a man” – especially because authorities are stopping men aged 18 to 60 from leaving. Another Ukrainian trans woman is too scared to leave her accommodation in fear of transphobic attacks. She’s the only person left in her neighbourhood.

Zi Faámelu is a 31-year-old trans woman from Kyiv. She is a musician and has appeared on TV in her home nation. Faámelu said she can’t leave the country and her life is in danger.

“Like hundreds of trans people in Ukraine, I am a woman, but I have ‘male’ in my passport and on all my ID, so this is a war within a war. Ukrainian trans people were already fighting for their lives.”

“There are hundreds of us stuck like this, living miserable lives. We need some influence from abroad. We need people to write to their politicians and charities to help us.”

Color me old-fashioned, but regardless of the amounts of testosterone or estrogen one pumps into their system; regardless of the mutilation one has done to their genitals, there are two no-doubt-about-it ways to figure out if you’re a guy or a gal;

  1. If you can ever in your lifetime be diagnosed with prostate, penile or testicular cancer, you’re a dude.

  2. If you can ever in your lifetime be diagnosed with any of the six gynecologic cancers, you’re a chick.

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