Report: SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson Went EASY on ‘Sadomasochistic’ Torture of Children — To Include ‘Infants and Toddlers’

By his own admission, Joe Biden made quite clear that instead of the most qualified judge, he would instead nominate to the Supreme Court a nominee based solely on gender and skin color.

During her Senate Judiciary testimony, thanks to several GOP committee members such as Sens. Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn and Lindsey Graham made it clear that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson had quite the habit of going easy on child predators and pedophiles.

But in a rather shocking and disturbing report from the New York Post, it’s being revealed that not only was Jackson easy on purveyors of kiddie-porn and child molesters, she also went VERY lax on “‘Sadomasochistic’ torture of young kids — including ‘infants and toddlers.'”

As reported by Paul Sperry of the NY Post (Emphasis mine);

In the eight child-porn cases that came before her court, former D.C. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson heard horrifying details of “sadomasochistic” torture of young kids — including “infants and toddlers” — yet challenged the disturbing evidence presented by prosecutors and disregarded their prison recommendations to give the lightest possible punishments in each case, according to transcripts of sentencing hearings obtained by the Post.

In some cases, she even apologized to some of the kiddie-porn perverts for having to follow the statutes, which she called “substantially flawed.”

The choice of Soros-ites everywhere.

Over and over, the records reveal, Jackson made excuses for the sex fiends’ criminal behavior and cut them slack in defiance of investigators and prosecutors — and sometimes even probation officers serving her court — who argued for tougher sentences because the cases were particularly egregious or the defendants weren’t remorseful.

The fuller record of her orders as a trial judge, detailed here for the first time, undercuts the White House’s and Senate Democrats’ argument that her sentences were within the “normal range” or “mainstream” of child porn cases, as they try to defend the Supreme Court nod against growing allegations she is soft on crime.

Jackson, 51, who tried the cases as an Obama appointee from 2013 to 2021, was nominated earlier this year by President Biden, who pledged during the campaign to put the first “black woman” on the high bench. The Senate will vote on her confirmation next week.

For the love of God and the victims, please send an email to your US Senators letting them know how you feel about Jackson.

For what it’s worth, even though I’m not a resident of either state, I emailed both Sens. Manchin (D-WV) and Sinema (D-AZ) asking both to vote against Jackson.

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