(VIDEO) While Biden Brags, the Reality of his Effect on the Economy;

Biden continues to make noise about how great of a job he’s doing in regard to the American economy.
Interestingly enough, he’s mum on the $3 trillion worth of value for retirement funds that’s been lost since his installation to the White House.
As seen in the video below, Biden spoke at the AFL-CIO convention on Thursday, 15 June, 2022, where the bullshit was flying fast and furious.
According to Slow Joe, he’s “never been more optimistic” when it comes to this nation.
I should hope so. When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.
But I would like to add that just one day after Mr. Potato Head spoke before his union drones, CBS News posted a rather terse two-paragraph article (with no name in the byline) citing that under his watch, $3 trillion has been wiped out in retirement funds (emphasis mine);

The U.S. stock market rout that has put U.S. equities in a bear market isn’t just reducing the net worth of billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. It’s also taking a toll on Americans’ retirement savings, wiping out trillions of dollars in value.

Something to ponder when you realize your retirement saving has just been wiped out.

The selloff has erased nearly $3 trillion from U.S. retirement accounts, according to Alicia Munnell, director of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. By her calculations, 401(k) plan participants have lost about $1.4 trillion from their accounts since the end of 2021. People with IRAs — most of which are 401(k) rollovers — have lost $2 trillion this year.

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