Liberal Media Slams Sweden’s Conservative Gains in Parliament as Victories for ‘Far Right-Wing’ and ‘Neo-Nazis’

How DARE they display an iota of patriotism! (Sarcasm, off)
The Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) political party doesn’t hide from the fact that they consider themselves advocates of nationalism well-grounded in democratic principles as well as social conservatism.
Nonetheless, now that the Sweden Democrats are at least leading in Sweden’s parliamentary elections, the Establishment Media is losing their shit.
Personally, I just can’t help but notice that whenever de facto Communists take whatever elections, the Leftie Media tags them as “Progressives” or “Reformers.”
But if any given political party so much even dares to whisper that immigration is out of control or that nuclear power is a damn sight better than reliance on Vladimir Putin, the MSM tries their damndest to paint them as white supremacists and resurrected Fascisti.
With that said, take a gander at some of the headlines from what are supposed to me objective news sources;
The Times of London – Swedish elections: Party with neo-Nazi roots set to enter Swedish government
France 24 via – Who is Jimmie Akesson, leader of Sweden’s soaring far-right?
Reuters news via MSN.comSwedish election puts anti-immigration Sweden Democrats centre stage
Le Monde of Paris – Sweden’s right wing poised for election victory on far-right gains
CNBCSweden’s far-right make gains in tightly contested election, results too close to call

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