Russian Deadly Kiddie Sing-A-Long: ‘If Our Chief Commander Calls Us Up for the Last Battle,’ Vows to ‘Bring Alaska Back Home’

Anna Kuvychko leads the маленькие дети in a rousing chorus of “Дядя Вова, мы с тобой” (“Uncle Vova [Vladimir], We Are With You).
The name Anna Kuvychko may not be a household name here in the West, but in Mother Russia, she’s kind of a big deal.

Not since the days of Baradolf Obaler have we seen kids so programmed by The State.

Other than being an ex-member of Russia’s parliament (the Duma) representing her hometown of Volgograd (formerly known as “Stalingrad”), Kuvychko’s also somewhat of a Pop Star.

Surrounded by uniformed schoolchildren, Kuvychko perhaps purposefully(?) sported a vest that more than accentuates her ample bosom.

Maybe that’s just what Russian chicks do. Especially in light that Father Time will ensure that most Russkie-ettes eventually end-up looking like a cross between a T-62 Main Battle Tank and a babushka-wearing turnip she-farmer.

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