(VIDEO) US Media Yawns: Pentagon Spokeswoman Admits to ‘Small Footprint’ of US Troops in Ukraine

“Alex, I’ll take ‘Endless Wars’ for 1,000.”

The Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary, Sabrina Singh, has dropped quite the political bombshell just a few days ago.

Unfortunately for the American people, the vast majority of the Biden Protection Squad (AKA: “The American News Media“) has essentially been MIA.

What Singh stated was that there’s a “small footprint” of US troops already in The Ukraine.

Just in case anyone believes that the MSG (Marine Security Guard) Detachment assigned to the US embassy are the “troops” in question… no. They aren’t.

Operationally, every Marine Embassy Guard is under the operational control of the US State Department. Effectively, those Marines are lent to the State Department for three years.

Sabrina Singh.

With that aside, as I previously mentioned, most of the American media has either ignored this news, or (at best) given the admission of US troops in a war zone just a passing glance.

In a report from the United Press International, the first 14 paragraphs of an 18 paragraph article ignored the fact that our troops are in-country.

The supposedly conservative-leaning TheHill.com was upfront in reporting of boots-on-the-ground, but opined that anyone warning of a slippery slope is little more than a right-wing crazy;

Some Republican lawmakers are expressing outrage over a leaked document showing 14 American special forces are stationed in Ukraine, even though the Pentagon has said for months a small team of Marines is stationed at the embassy.

A few far-right figures are even using the news to push a broader conspiracy about a larger presence of U.S. troops in Ukraine, which they say poses the risk of direct fighting between American and Russian forces.

From what I’ve seen so far, only Newsmax and One America News are highlighting to the American people know that the Pentagon has already ordered our troops within the borders of Ukraine.

As OANN news anchor Stella Escobedo asked: “Isn’t that how the Vietnam War started?”

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