Contempt of Congress Charge Just a ‘Symbolic Gesture’ by Rep. Comer: Call ‘Did Not Go Well’

Yesterday I noted that FBI Director Christopher Wray had until the end of YESTERDAY to hand over a particular unclassified document to the House Oversite Committee.

A document that very well could be the smoking gun proving that the #BidenCrimeFamily has already accepted a $5 million bribe from Communist China.

Long story short… the deadline came and went. Nothing happened.

But a phone call took place today between House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and FBI honcho Wray.

Standby for a shock. Nothing happened **sarcasm, off**.

As noted in the video below, it was reported that the phone call “did not go well” for Rep. Comer.

Only about an hour before the above video was posted by Newsmax, the DNC’s Propagandaministerium (AKA: “MSNBC”), network propagandist Ryan Nobles recognizes the obvious.

Merrick Garland is the Attorney General of the United States. Christopher Wray works for Merrick Garland.

Nobles opines that the chances of Garland actually cooperating with the House Republicans of literally arresting Wray for Contempt of Congress are about that of a snowball in Hell.

Or as Noble actually stated, Comer’s move to charge Wray are little more than just a “symbolic gesture.”

In other words, not a damn thing’s going to happen.

Amazingly enough, when Pelosi was the Speaker, Garland had no problem prosecuting (and Wray had no problem arresting) Trump advisors Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon for… wait for it… Contempt of Congress charges.

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