How Long to Count to How Many Dollars in Our National Debt? Time for GOP to Grow a Pair

Waaaaaaay before the Wooly Mammoth was tooling around North America, Northern Asia, North/Central Europe, and the Disney Studios, there was an even bigger pachyderm on the scene.

That literal monster was known as the Steppe Mammoth. That beast trod the Earth way all the back 1.07 million years ago.

To better get 1.07 million into context, that’s how many years it would take the average person to count to our national debt.

Here’s how I came to that particular number (by the way, no smoke and mirrors, just good old-fashioned arithmetic);

To say one number-per-second, you would reach just one trillion in 32,000 years.

  1. Our national debt stands at $33.4 trillion.
  2. Now multiply how many years it takes to count to one trillion (32,000) by how many trillions is our national debt is (33.4).
  3. That total is 1,068,800.

If you should ever choose to spend the next 1.07 million years actually counting to that specific number AND move backwards in time by one-second every time you say a number… say “Hi” for me to the Mammoths. Thanks.

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