(VIDEO) Irish Cops Can Now Raid Homes, Confiscate ‘Hate’ Devices

Turds of a feather…

When patriotism became an enemy to the state…

To say that the Republic of Ireland is neck-deep in flat-out Leftism, political correctness, and woke-ism is an understatement of biblical proportions.

Ireland is so Orwellian, to just say that the people and the government of Ireland are just “liberal” is kinda like saying that the Parting of the Red Sea was a minor tidal event.

Case in point, to prove just how leftie they are, the people of Ireland have Leo_Varadkar as their Prime Minister. Being only half-Irish, Varadkar’s father is Indian (dot, not feather).

So, his dad’s Indian, so what? Exactly… so what. It makes no difference.

But just like the same reason so many Catholics voted for JFK was based on nothing more than he was Catholic leads me to believe that more than a few woke Irishmen and women voted for this guy based on little more than daddy being born in Bombay.

Varadkar is also Ireland’s first openly homosexual PM. On a personal note, knowing that the nation that was once renown as the “Cradle of Catholic Vocations” is sliding head-first towards Sodom is a bit of a heartbreak.

But all that aside, the first video below is pretty much the only reason I’d ever cheer for anything regarding Conor McGregor.

The second video is of Irish talk-show host and podcaster Niall Boylan detailing how simply having a meme deemed as “hate speech” by the government could see a citizen and his employer serve time in prison.