George Santos and the Circular Firing-Squad that is the Republican Party

Just a handful of days ago, I was watching interviews of various Republican representatives of the US House. Just to be clear, these were specifically how these GOP’ers voted in whether or not to boot the now ex-Rep. Gearge Santos (R-NY).

Forgive me for forgetting the name of one of the specific RINOs who voted to oust Santos, but suffice to say that this phony son-of-a-bitch referred to himself as a “Constitutional conservative.”

When this wretch slimed that phrase out of his mouth, I couldn’t help but yell at the TV, “You mean like ‘Innocent until proven guilty?'” As usual, yelling at the TV did no good, but I felt better.

Anyhow, I’m not particularly a big fan of George Santos, but I am a big fan of realizing that the Constitution Matters… even when it pisses us off.

In quite the interesting article from Miranda Devine of the New York Post;

You don’t have to approve of George Santos to understand it should have been left to his constituents in Long Island and Queens to decide on his suitability to remain in Congress.

Nonetheless, despite a slim majority in the House and crucial votes looming as they head into an election year, 105 Republicans were suckered by moral vanity into expelling one of their own Friday.

The 35-year-old gay son of Brazilian immigrants, Santos had the most conservative voting record of the entire New York delegation, and now he is gone, taking his vote with him.

“To hell with this place,” he said as he exited the US Capitol after the vote, vowing revenge on the former colleagues who had turned on him.

Perfect. Just what Republicans need: more friendly fire.

Not so much “friendly fire,” but more of a circular firing squad.