(VIDEO) UCF Fighter Conor McGregor Dropping Hints he May Run for Irish Presidency

Before he spoke up in the aftermath of the now-famed Dublin Riots, the words and phrases I would have used to described Conor McGregor would have been;

  • Showboat
  • Hot Dogger
  • The personification of the old sports saying for those who hit a grand slam, leg-out a 100-yard kick return for a TD, swish a 3/4 court buzzer-shot, “Act like you’ve been there before.”

Since then, I have a whole new respect for him.

As of only recently, I would now describe him as simply a patriot who literally speaks for the common man.

But before I get into the recent hints that McGregor has been dropping of him actually running for the Presidency of the Irish Republic, allow me to point out that the President of Eire isn’t quite like being the President of the United States of America.

First of all, a number of European republics or nations that have strong ties to Europe, have both a President AND a Prime Minister (PM).

President McGregor?

Nations such as;

  • Ireland
  • Portugal
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Cameroon
  • Italy
  • Singapore

In nations such as these, the president is officially the Head of State, whereas the PM is the Head of Government.

None of these nations currently have any type of Constitutional Monarchy, so for lack of better words, the people elect their king or queen, and that same election winner is called their president.

No real power, but their presidents usually do a great job at representing their specific nations at State Funerals. Thusly freeing their prime ministers to do prime minister stuff… supposedly.

Anyhow, as reported by Katherine Donlevy of the New York Post;

UFC star Conor McGregor could be trading his boxing gloves for a suit.

The featherweight champion hinted yet again this week that he is planning a run for the presidency in Ireland — a massive career change Elon Musk lauded as “not even fair” to other contenders.

McGregor, 35, who has been outspoken in recent weeks amid violent rioting in Dublin, said Monday he would serve at the whim of the people should he throw his hat in the 2025 election: “It would not be me in power as president, people of Ireland. It would be me and you.”

The controversial MMA fighter criticized the three other aging contenders vying to succeed incumbent President Michael D. Higgins, famous for his trusty Bernese mountain dog Misneach.

“Potential competition if I run. Gerry [Adams], 78. Bertie [Ahern]. 75. Enda [Kenny], 74. Each with unbreakable ties to their individual parties politics. Regardless of what the public outside of their parties feel. These parties govern themselves vs govern the people,” McGregor wrote on X.

“Or me, 35. Young, active, passionate, fresh skin in the game. I listen. I support. I adapt. I have no affiliation/bias/favoritism toward any party. They would genuinely be held to account regarding the current sway of public feeling. I’d even put it all to vote,” he continued.