In Spite of Dems Screaming that Trump will ‘Destroy Democracy,’ it’s the Dems Arguing to Kill the Primaries

The mantra/war cry of Democrats from Key West, Florida, to Nome, Alaska, has been that Trump and every American who’s embraced what’s popularly known as ‘the MAGA movement’ are now threats to the very basics of American democracy.

Never mind that America isn’t a democracy, but a republic. And yes, there is an important distinction.

In a democracy, the people directly vote on every law and/or candidate. Any candidate or party who wins by at least 50.001 percent of the vote, that’s it. End of story.

However, in a republic, the people elect executives and legislatures (as well as in nearly all local and state elections, a judiciary) to enact and enforce laws on behalf of We the People.

Another important distinction is that in a republic, the rights of the minority are guaranteed. That’s why Thomas Jefferson referred to a pure democracy as essentially a mobocracy.

With all that aside, while Biden & Friends are trying their damdest to gaslight the nation, nary a word how the Dems are trying their level best to end the state primary system.

Keep in mind that in 1968 at their Chicago Democrat Convention, the-Vice President Hubert Humphrey didn’t win a single primary vote, but ended-up winning his party’s nomination.

You know… that whole “secret meetings in smoke-filled rooms” that conservatives are accused of.

MAGA terrorists.

Yeah, the Democrats want to go back to that.

Writing for the right-of-center, Sarah Arnold notes on Dec. 1, 2023;

Florida Democrats have decided they just don’t need to hold a presidential primary this year, automatically awarding President Joe Biden the state’s 250 delegates.

Thursday marked the deadline for Florida Democrats and Republicans to submit their lists of approved candidates for their receptive primaries. According to Politico, Biden was the only name on the list for his party despite other candidates running against him.

In an op-ed piece by hard-leftist writer Hans Noel for the New York Times on 5 Dec, 2023, Noel argues in favor of doing away with Democrat primaries;

Political parties in most democracies have the power to choose their leaders without going through a monthslong gantlet.

The best way for a party to choose its leader is for that party to convene, confer and compromise on a candidate who serves its agenda and appeals to voters.

Primaries were a tool to gauge public support, not make the final decision.

From March of 2021, by yet another Leftie egg-head writing for CNN penned yet another op-ed titled simply, “It’s time to get rid of party primaries“.