Need Further Proof that the United States has Two Different Tiers of Justice?

Lady Justice has just been raped and murdered.

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After all, Sen. Josh Hawley is screaming the obvious for all the world to see what a Third-World tin-pot dictatorship the United States has become.

So much for even pretending that “justice” is still a thing.

The killing of Lady Justice.

The really stunning part… supposedly intelligent people will still defend the #BidenCrimeFamily; vote for Joe Biden; and give their own money to a criminal syndicate who’s already shaken-down foreign countries for millions.

The bottom line: Hunter just got away with it all.

By the way, any further charges against Hunter Biden – if they’re tied to the two tax charges he’s pleading guilty to (regardless of how severe they are), he has ZERO to worry about.

Why? He’s now PROTECTED because of double jeopardy. That’s why.