‘Colonizers’? Hey Hamas, Guess Who the REAL Colonizers are

Muslim conversion teams take to their 10-speeds, sporting their iconic white shirts, black pants and black tie as they go door-to-door seeking to gain converts. No… wait. Those are 7th Century heavily armed Mohammedans telling Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and pagans to convert or die.

I’ve been researching for some time now who exactly were the first civilized, had a real culture, no doubt about it, original people to inhabit what is now the boundaries of the State of Israel. No hunter/gatherers, if you please. Continue reading ‘Colonizers’? Hey Hamas, Guess Who the REAL Colonizers are

Western Media Yawns: Islamists Attack 80-Year-Old French Priest, Beat Him, Attempt to Lynch Him

“Religion of peace…”

As noted by ToddStarnes.com, investigative journalist for the RAIR Foundation, Amy Mek, and the French-language publication TribuneChretienne.com (Christian Tribune), all cite that an “80-year-old priest was one of many Catholics targeted as the country slips into complete anarchy.”

According to numerous sources (that zero of the Western mainstream-media has reported on), Fr. Francis Pelle of the southeastern French town of Saint-Étienne, was beaten unconscious, stripped naked, and the mob also attempted to lynch him.

As far as the latest excuse to burn and loot, JihadWatch.org gives the straight scoop as to why a 17-year-old Algerian was shot to begin with;

On Tuesday, a 17-year-old Franco-Algerian, Nahel M., had been driving a rented Mercedes AMG without a valid driver’s license in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris. Nahel, who was too young to possess a full driver’s license in France, was employed as a delivery driver. Accompanying him in the car were two other passengers. Nahel, who had several previous traffic violations on his record, was stopped by the police.

It was alleged by the police that Nahel refused to comply with their instructions. In a video recording of the incident, someone can be heard warning, “you’re going to get shot.” When Nahel attempted to flee the scene by suddenly accelerating, one of the police officers fired a close-range shot into his chest.

The police later claimed that they felt their lives were in danger, asserting that Nahel had been driving in such a way as to knock them down from the side. Told to stop, Nahel ignored the order, suddenly accelerated, and was shot. His car then collided with a nearby post.

(VIDEO) Putin Unleashes Muslim Fundamentalist Chechens on Ukraine; Ukrainian Troops Dip AK Rounds in Pig Grease

Everything old is new again. Russian President Vladimir Putin certainly is using the same bullshit reasons for his 2008 invasion of the ex-Soviet, but now the independent nation of Georgia (see trailer at end of article for “5 Days of War“. Continue reading (VIDEO) Putin Unleashes Muslim Fundamentalist Chechens on Ukraine; Ukrainian Troops Dip AK Rounds in Pig Grease