(VIDE) The Exact Reasons WHY the VA Never Authorized Sex-Change Operations Until Now

One of the very few policies of President Trump’s that I disagreed with was his allowing homosexuals to openly serve in the armed forces. Suffice it to say that I believed his allowing such interfered with good conduct and discipline within the ranks.

With that said, reasonable men can disagree. Besides, I’m enough of a realist to know that regardless of my personal opinion, it accounts for naught in the present environment.

But on to the topic at hand. As just about everyone already knows, “The Department of Veterans Affairs is moving to offer transgender veterans gender confirmation surgery, Secretary Denis McDonough announced at a Pride Month event in Orlando Saturday”, as reported by Military.com (don’t let the name fool you… it’s civilian owned and operated).

Nonetheless, President Trump is still taking heat for limiting the number of so-called transgendered people serve in the military.
The reasons why as as follows;

  1. Sex change operations are elective surgery. No one ever died from being born with a healthy penis or vagina. I wonder if the VA (read: The Taxpayers) will start springing for nose jobs and Brazilian butt lifts.
  2. Transitioning from male-to female, female-to male, is monetarily costly and takes a very long time. Allow me to be so crude as to remind folks that the reason for the military’s existence is to kill bad guys, period.

Yet I would be remiss if I didn’t explain just a wee bit more regarding point #2.

As cited by the official website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCIB) (yes, another government bureaucracy);

[T]he guidelines for hormone therapy initiation recommended that all patients undergo a “real life test” prior to starting medical therapy. This test required patients to live full-time as their self-affirmed gender for a predetermined period of time (usually 12 months) before starting cross-sex hormones. The recommendation was intended to help patients transition socially.

If a full year of “real life” testing isn’t enough, take a gander at Tables 1 and 2 same NCIB website. The listings of “formulations” required is stunning in amount required, and I’m also quite sure, as is the cost to the American taxpayer.

One other thing… if one stops or is delayed in taking the testosterone/estrogen hormone treatment therapies (regardless of whatever surgical procedure was done to the sexual organs they were born with), that individual will
naturally start taking back the physical characteristics they were born with.

That’s right… “transgendered women” will start growing facial hair and their voices will drop, etc; “transgendered men” will start growing back their breasts and their voices will get higher, etc.

As the old margarine commercial warns;

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