Forget About Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Plan, Conservatives Openly Discussing Booting Biden

Just a few short days ago, I penned an opinion piece regarding Nancy Pelosi’s not-so-secret plan to invoke the 25th Amendment when she feels the time is right.

While kicking Chou Bia-Dung out of the Oval Office in and of itself sounds good to conservatives, some seem to forget that the presidential line of succession is screamingly Lefticrat top to bottom.
Nonetheless, the Washington Examiner (not exactly a leftie rag) is openly discussing Biden’s absolute foreign policy disaster in Afghanistan.

As noted by commentary writer Tiana Lowe of the Washington Examiner (emphasis mine);

After nearly a week of radio silence while the Taliban were undoing 20 years of American investment in Afghanistan, Joe Biden returned to the White House to read from a teleprompter for under 20 minutes. Given the predictable straw man he presented of an all-or-nothing binary choice between “forever war” and immediate abandonment, it was par for the course to see Biden try to blame his predecessor.

Biden’s tactless defense consisted of impugning Afghans. It was followed by his hasty departure without taking a single question from a group of reporters he hand-picked under the guise of “social distancing.” (Washington, D.C.’s total COVID-19 death toll this month: one.) This leaves only the ghastly conclusion Biden has no idea what the hell happened in the last week.

Tiana Lowe.

Biden will return to Camp David to vacation while Kabul burns. This ought to leave the Cabinet — especially Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who reportedly begged Biden not to initiate such a hasty and disorderly withdrawal — wondering whether the president is willfully derelict in his duty, choosing to summer instead of govern, or simply incapable of handling his office.

Today’s press conference was Biden’s opportunity to present proof of life. He failed.

We don’t permit minimum wage workers, much less presidents, to bail on their jobs before 4 p.m. on a Monday. If the commander in chief cannot or will not do his job, the Cabinet should consider invoking the final section of the 25th Amendment and compelling Biden’s removal from office, either by resignation or by force.

You know… maybe young Miss Lowe is on to something.

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