(VIDEO) Sleepy Joe Drops F-Bomb, Then LIES About Angry Patriots in New Jersey

Biden’s famous “tough guy” look.

Coming as a shock to no one, in spite of video evidence to the contrary, Biden openly lied of the many protesters and hecklers he encountered yesterday in New Jersey.

While speaking to the press in Queens, NY, in an unscripted moment Biden certainly appeared to state that those who booed him believe he’s just “f*cking about.” That’s how I took it when I first saw the video (below). But that’s just me.

With that aside, as reported by Charlie Spierling of Breitbart.com, Biden stated that the New Jerseyans who openly and quite vociferously let Biden know their disapproval of him stated;

“The people who stand on the other side of the fences who don’t live there, who are yelling that we’re talking about interfering with free enterprise by doing something about climate change — they don’t live there,” he said afterward during a speech in New York.

But Biden’s claim appeared to be false. At no point in the video did it appear the protesters mentioned climate change or Biden’s climate policies.

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