(VIDEO) Democrat Dung-Heap: Chicago Now Deploying “Bleeding Control” Kits City-Wide

America doesn’t have a gun violence problem… certain Democrat cities do. Of course, these islands of Third-World Shitholery end up making us all look bad.

With that aside, when visiting the Windy City, one of the first clues you may get that the city is little better than an open cesspool would probably be the hundreds of **Your Dumb Ass Just Got Shot** kits popping-up around town.

As Fox32 Chicago reports;

The Office of Emergency Management is installing more than 400 wall-mounted “bleeding control” kits in buildings across the city.

The emergency medical kit locations include City Hall, public libraries, medical clinics and more.

Each kit has enough supplies to treat eight victims.

Ten people were killed and 58 others were wounded in Chicago shootings over the weekend.

Chicago crime reporting website HeyJackass.com says 608 people have been killed in Chicago shootings so far this year with nearly 3,000 others who were shot and wounded.

Keep in mind that the Fox32 video report (below) states specifically that a total of 426 emergency gunshot kits are throughout the city.

While each kit can treat eight victims, this means that 3,408 individuals could be treated before total replacements would be required.

The good people of Chicago can breath easy for at least a few months.

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