Cringeworthy Video: Kamala’s Aide Attempts to End Interview When Asked, ‘Who’s the Real President?’

Super-pissed Kamala.

Even though Symone Sanders has announced that she’ll no longer be the chief spokesthing for Kamala Harris by the end of the year, Sanders certainly hasn’t given-up on making her presence known.

Case in point would be the televised interview on Comedy Central’s “The God’s Honest Truth” program, hosted by none other than Charlemagne Tha God (born: Lenard Larry McKelvey).

As reported by Jeff Poor of (emphasis mine);

During an intense line of questioning from Comedy Central’s Charlamagne tha God about who was really in charge of the country during an interview with Vice President Kamala Harris that aired on Friday, vice-presidential spokeswoman Symone Sanders attempted to intervene.

The interruption, which was aired, showed Sanders intervening when Harris was asked who was the “real president.”

Harris defended President Joe Biden and reiterated that Biden was in charge of the country, and not Democrat holdout Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

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