(VIDEO) BLM Activist Arrested in Assassination Attempt of Louisville Democrat Candidate for Mayor

In custody, Quintez Brown.

Just a day or so back, I was made aware that the Democrat candidate for mayor of Louisville, KY, Craig Greenberg, had just survived an assassination attempt from a then-unknown assailant.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the would-be assassin was a political conservative… knowing that the Establishment Media would have a field day if that were the case.

Well, the unknown assailant is now known. Not only is he NOT a conservative, he’s actually a BLM activist.

Not only that, but he’s also running for a seat on the Louisville Metro Council (see tweets below).

As reported by the right-leaning TrendingPolitics.com (emphasis mine);

A Louisville BLM activist has just been identified by the Louisville Metro Police Department as the suspect in the attempted shooting of mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. Activist Quintez Brown, 21, was just charged with attempted murder and four other counts of endangerment after Brown was reportedly linked to the attempted shooting of Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg.

Just on a personal note, in light that a BLM thug is in custody, don’t expect the likes of CNN, The New York Times of MSNBC to give this much coverage… if any at all. 

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