The New Neo-Con Pin-Up Girl? To Hell w/ Tulsi Gabbard

What in the hell is going on with so many alleged conservatives here in the United States?

Just because ex-Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) once in a while criticizes Joe Biden, that sure as hell doesn’t qualify her as some sort of conservative folk hero.

On the heels of his ass-kissing Adolf Hitler, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (Liberal Party) backstabbed millions of the sovereign citizens of Czechoslovakia when the same Chamberlain sold them out in 1938.

Much like Chamberlain, Gabbard is busy bowing, scraping and finding excuses in her defending Putin’s naked aggression against Ukraine.

One thing glaringly obvious I happened to notice in Gabbard’s slobbering love letter to Putin (tweet below), would be the only reason Ukraine wanted to join NATO in the first place is because Vladimir Putin is a power-hungry thug.

One other question; why is this dumb-shit also fretting over the possibility of “US/NATO forces right on Russia’s border”?

Hey, sugar-britches, five (count ’em, dumb-ass… FIVE) NATO nations ALREADY share a border with Russia.

By the way, if one would count the mere 2.5 miles of open water that separates Russia’s Big Diomede Island from America’s Little Diomede Island in the Bearing Straights, that would qualify as six US/NATO nations already on Russia’s border.

Sooooo, isn’t the last part of Gabbard’s apologia pretty much a moot point if not flat-out pro-Russian propaganda? Yes… it is.

I can come to no other conclusion but to believe that Gabbard either didn’t pay attention to the geo-political briefings she received during her time in Congress… or she’s too stupid to read a map.

Or both.

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