By Name: The RINOs Who Failed to Vote for Adam Schiff-For-Brains Censure

There’s an old saying in Congress: Those who fail to vote, or just vote “Present,” they actually voted WITH the opposition.

As seen in the graphs below, that’s exactly what more than a few RINOs did in today’s censure vote of the pencil-necked geek from the land of fruits and nuts.

Just for the record, Schiff was censured in the House today. Not that this vote itself will actually do anything of substance to slap back at his years of lying to the American people.

That won’t happen until Schiff’s censure hits the House Ethics Committee sometime later this month, maybe July.

FWIW, I’ve found out that those Republicans who voted “Present” are members of the same House Ethics Committee. By voting “Present” when this goes to committee, they won’t have to recuse themselves. So, they are on the up-and-up.

But in the meantime, we’ll all bask in the glow of knowing that this taxpayer-subsidized bullshitter has been shitcanned from every committee and sub-committee he WAS assigned to.

As seen on the lead photo, this vote was razor thin. Not that the GOP has a massive numbers lead against the Dems, just a few of the weak-links could really FUBAR everything up when it comes to getting the Marxists and their pair-for-hire thugs (Antifa and BLM) into some semblance of control as we decent folk try to drain the Swamp and rescue out nation from coast to coast national suicide.

Just keep in mind that the “Present” votes are legit based on political reasons.

Hell, we shouldn’t have a mere 10 or 12 lead on the dems… we should have a 50 member lead on them.

Taking the White House back in 2024isn’t the only goal.

If any of the below listed RINOs belong to you, please give ’em a ring, and a piece of your mind.

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