(WATCH) Graphic Footage: Texas Front Yard Shootout Captured on Video

Kyle Carruth (L) armed with possibly a 9mm carbine, in heated argument with Chad Read.

Especially in this day and age of seemingly everyone video recording anything and everything, sometimes the worst of humanity can be captured for posterity.

Prime example would be the shooting and killing of Chad Read, late of Lubbock, Texas.

As reported by Shannon Thaler of London’s the Daily Mail, an apparent argument over child visitation between a now divorced couple (Chad Read and Christina Read) spilled over to now involve Christina’s beau, Kyle Carruth;

This is the horrifying moment a Texas man shot his partner’s ex-husband dead during a furious child custody row outside of his home.

Footage shows Kyle Carruth opening fire on Chad Read after the two squared up against each other and wrestled over the gun in Lubbock, Texas.

However, Carruth has not yet been charged by police over the killing with his lawyers arguing that it was ‘justifiable homicide’ and carried out in self defence.

Below are videos of the same instance recorded from two different perspectives.

Please keep in mind that both are rather short in length. None of us know the entire story. Waiting until the full story is revealed, reserving judgement as to who was right, who was wrong would be prudent.

Just a few things to consider;

  • Does Texas law recognize Carruth’s right to brandish a firearm on his own property, regardless of circumstances?

  • Does Texas law lay the blame on Read for attempting to physically take Carruth’s weapon?

  • What is the width and breadth of the Texas “Castle Doctrine”, if it even has one?

  • What is the width and breadth of the Texas “Stand Your Ground” legal defense, if it even has one?

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