(VIDEO) Fed-Up Father Supposedly Threatens Principle w/ ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ Over Son’s ‘Illegal’ XXXXX-XX Quarantine

A Hindi guy, a Scotsman, and a Latino walk into a bar… well, make that a principal’s office.

You knew this type of thing would start happening eventually. A father of a young boy enrolled at Mesquite Elementary School in Tucson, AZ, has obviously had enough.

As it turns out, Rishi Rambaran was reportedly [read: according to the liberal media] quite upset that his son wasn’t allowed to attend a field trip and subsequently sentenced to quarantine after the boy was potentially exposed to someone who may or may not have come down with the 91-DIVOC bug (also known as “The Malady Whose Name Shalt Not Be Said Aloud”).

As reported by Britain’s the Daily Mail, Mesquite’s principle Diane Vargo found herself face-to-face with Rishi Rambaran, Kelly Walker, and a third unidentified man.

In an article sympathetic to the school bureaucrat, the Daily Mail noted (emphasis mine);

An Arizona elementary school principal – who was threatened with zip ties by three men for following county-set COVID-19 protocols – said she received a death threat immediately after the encounter.

In an interview with KOLD.com, Diane Vargo read the disturbing email on camera. ‘The next time it will be a barrel pointed at your Nazi face,’ the email says.

‘Following the guidance you say? The Nazis were just following orders too. Guess we will have to see what side you choose. The Americans or the Nazis.

‘Remember, Tucson is a small community and you have a target on your back for enforcing unlawful orders.’

It’s unclear who sent the email, which was sent shortly after Vargo’s harrowing encounter Thursday in Mesquite Elementary School.

That saw a dad – since named by police as Rishi Rambaran, and two of his male friends barge into Vargo’s office, threaten to make a citizen’s arrest and brandish zip ties while filming the confrontation.

Nowhere in the article does it mention if any of the men ever so much had laid a finger on Vargo.

Interestingly enough, the reliably Lefticrat propaganda rag, The Daily Beast notes that only Mr. Rambaran was arrested only on a singular charge of trespassing and has since been released.

Did you notice that no charges of assault, communicating a threat, inciting a riot, etc., were served against Mr. Rambaran?

If and when a legal defense fund is created, I’ll make a point of publishing it.

Video (below) produced by Tucson’s Viva Freedom Talk, which tells the story the Lefticrat Media IGNORES.

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