(VIDEO) Sporting Events: Team Biden CANCELS All Military from Giant Flag Displays, Flag-Jumps

I seriously doubt if anyone joined the military solely based on seeing our troops unfurl a giant American flag on the field during the Super Bowl or from seeing military parachutists engage in what’s popularly known as “flag-jumps” at the World Series.

But unlike America during the post-Vietnam years, our armed forces are actually looked upon largely in a positive light by today’s youth. Back then it was “Dogs and Marines: Keep in the grass.”

Now fast forward to present day. With every branch that falls under the auspices of the Department of Defense experiencing one hell of a draught of volunteers signing up for both active duty or reserves/National Guard, one would think that from the newest graduate from Recruiter School straight to the particular service chief, experiencing positive displays of patriotism as an experience at plant the seeds into young kids what want to join of and do their patriotic chore.

But then rolls in Team Biden and squashed pre-game events that have been around for decades and also events that military recruiters had invested a ton of  man-hours and even more money from the recruiter war chest.

As reporter Gretchen Clayson over TheDailyCaller.com cited;

Department of Defense (DOD) officials on Feb. 10 issued a memorandum to service members telling them that large displays of the American flag at sporting events are no longer appropriate.

The military is currently struggling with low recruitment numbers across all services, a “draught” not seen since 1973 when the United States left Vietnam and the draft effectively ended, Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr of the Heritage Foundation told NBC News. Though the guidance is in alignment with Title 4, United States Code or the U.S. Flag Code, it marks a reversal of practices once encouraged by the Pentagon.

“In recent years, some sporting events have asked military members to hold large, horizontal flags during events, and some military units have carried them in parades. While many, including Service members, find these events moving and patriotic, according to the code, the flag should never touch the ground or be carried flat or horizontally,” Cmdr. Nicole Schwegman, DOD spokesperson, told the Daily Caller.

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